Anti Glare Film For Laptops, Phones, Monitors, TV’s & LCD Devices

Anti Glare Film For Laptops, TV’s & LCD Devices

Aqualite anti glare TV films, coatings and filters reduce and remove reflection and glare from all types and sizes of glass screens and diplays.  The pictures below show how the film is used to create a matt finish on the screen which stops glare and reflection when using the laptop in bright artificial light.

These pictures are taken with 3 bar’s of very bright LED light positioned in front of and behind the user and are shining and reflecting  directly onto the laptop screen.

Getting rid of glare and reflection on this laptop is an example of how our film can be used to to avoid problems on other devices such as Phones, Monitors, TV’s & other LCD devices.

Installation Instructions for Anti Glare Film

How To Stop Screen Reflection & Glare On All LCD Devices

The film stops over 90% of the reflection with hardly any loss of image on any of the devices you choose to apply it onto

On the right hand side of the laptop screen is our applied Aqualite AR film & if you look closely u will see the fine line of the cut film down the centre of the screen.

Close up on the laptop showing all 3 bright rear LED lights reflecting from the laptop. Look at the top of the photo so see the AR film line

We’ve used a colour chart so you can see the difference between the colours & any minimal colour degradation coming from the screens image.

As the camera angle is moved slightly one LED light disappears as it enters the AR film but the 3 bottom parts of the lighting can still be seen.


Moving slightly more right with the camera into the AR film the 2nd LED bar of light disappears.

Note closely you can see that whilst a single vertical LED light cuts through  a number of the colour patches…both sides of the colour patches can be seen clearly.

Installation Instructions for Anti Glare Film

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Anti Reflective TV – Reflection Free Outdoor TV Display Screens

Anti Reflective Outdoor TV Display Screens

Aqualite Outdoor anti glare and anti reflective LED TV  display screens are purpose built and IP66-rated, designed to be used outdoors and even in harsh conditions where salt, dust, heat and humidity may be present.

Available in either High Brightness or Standard Brightness and in a choice of screen sizes 26” 32” 42” 55” 65” 70” 74” 82″ 100” to 136”, other screen sizes are available to order.

All of our products offer full-HD 1080p picture resolution and our top of the range High Brightness models at 1,500cd/m2, offer three times the brightness of your average home LCD TV, meaning they are sunlight readable and perfect for outdoor conditions where there is little or no shade.

We recommend and supply these to yachts, school playgrounds, sports tracks, pub beer gardens and outdoor restaurants to name just a few.

The Aqualite range of all-weather TV panels offer the highest possible quality for all domestic and commercial uses. From watching your favourite TV shows in the garden,  whilst enjoying drinks on the patio to managing and displaying digital advertising content and general public information at major outdoor events, Aqualite Outdoor have the solution.

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Non Reflective TV – Anti Reflective LED TV Advertising Billboards

Non Reflective TV Advertising Billboards & Screens

With our long standing experience in the outdoor LCD TV sector and due to the ever growing demand for larger, cost effective screens, we’re now introducing the next generation of Aqualite screen with our class-leading range of big screen, outdoor, weatherproof LED digital displays.

LED has traditionally been used for very large format ‘billboard’ style screens as found in popular locations such as Time Square and Piccadilly Circus. LED module technology is constantly evolving driven partly by ‘Pixel Pitch’ – this is essentially the density of each individual pixel which directly reflects on the visual quality of the overall picture. For example, a pixel pitch ‘P5’ is designed to have a minimum viewing distance of just 5 metres.

We’ve developed a range of three popular screen sizes which utilise a P5 module which is weatherproof rated IP66, this means that they are designed to withstand the harshest of weather conditions

Based on demand, we’ve developed three of the most popular screen sizes. Available in 74”, 100” and 136”. This is the viewable area measurement and is taken diagonally from corner to corner.

Non Reflective Big TV Screens, LED Billboards

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Αντιθαμβωτικές & αντι-ανακλαστικές οθόνες τηλεόρασης

οθόνες για εξωτερικούς χώρους

Το βασικό πρόβλημα της εικόνας μιας ψηφιακής τηλεόρασης κατά τη διάρκεια της ημέρας είναι η αντανάκλαση του φυσικού φωτός πάνω στην οθόνη.

Για αυτό τον λόγο, οι τηλεοράσεις της Aqualite έχουν ειδική αντιθαμβωτική επίστρωση. Σε συνδυασμό με ανάλογη ρύθμιση της φωτεινότητας και της αντίθεσης (contrast) διασφαλίζεται η διαύγεια της εικόνας και της αναγνωσιμότητας των ψηφιακών κειμένων σήμανσης στο φως της ημέρας.

Οι AquaLite έχουν επίσης τετραπλή επίστρωση και στις δύο πλευρές του γυαλιού για την αποτροπή αντανακλάσεων, πρόβλημα που παρατηρείται ιδιαίτερα στις συνηθισμένες οθόνες κατά τη διάρκεια κυρίως φωτεινών, ηλιόλουστων ημερών.

Εξωτερικές οθόνες τηλεόρασης εξωτερικής οθόνης LED Οθόνες & πινακίδες

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Anti-Glare & Anti-Reflekterende Folie Til TV-Skærme

Udendørs Vandtæt Vejrfast TV-Skærme

Den største hindring for læsbare digitale TV-skærme er blænding og refleksion fra dagslys, hvilket der sker ved køb af standard glas eller akryl skærme. AquaLite Outdoors TV-skærme er belagt med en anti- refleksfilm for at reducere genskin og refleksion i udendørsmiljøer. Ved yderligere at øge lysstyrke- og kontrastniveauer, kombineret med denne anti- reflekterende belægning i skærmene sikres, at reklameskærme er fuldt synlige, og digital skiltning er fuldt ud læsbar i dagslys.

AquaLite er producent af vandtætte og vejrbestandige TV-skærme og tilbyder 32″, 42″ 55″ & 65″ IP66 LED, LCD og HD TV. Vores distributører tilbyder digital skiltning og udendørsreklame skærme til salg, lease og til udlejning .

Udendørs Vandtæt Vejrfast TV-Skærme, Skærme Og Skilte

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Anti-Weerspiegeling en Anti-Reflectieve TV Monitoren

Waterbestendige En Weerbestendige Monitoren

Het grootste obstakel bij Outdoor monitoren is  de weerkaatsing van het licht en de  reflectie, die voorkomen bij standaard glazen of acryl-schermen. Aqualite Outdoor schermen zijn gecoat met een anti weerkaatsing en reflectieve film, om zo de reflectie te verminderen bij outdoor locaties.

Door de helderheid en de constrastwaarden te versterken van het TV paneel, samen met het gebruik van deze film,  garanderen de schermen een goed zichtbaar beeld, in alle weersomstandigheden.

Aqualite is de producent van waterresistente en weersbestendige TV displays, gaande van 32” -42”-55” tot 65” IP66 rated LED, LCD & HD Tv’s. Onze distributeurs bieden Digital Signage en outdoor reclame displays aan in verkoop, verhuur of lease.

Externe Waterbestendige Weerbestendige TV-Schermen En Monitoren

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Anti Blend & Anti Reflexions Film für TV Bildschirme

LCD & LED TV Bildschirme für den Außenbereich

Aqualite Outdoor-TV-Panels sind bis zu zwei Mal so hell wie typische Heim Fernseher. Mit dem Zusatz von Anti-Blend-Folie, um eine Anti-Reflex-Beschichtung zu schaffen, ist die Blendung und Reflexion zugunsten der hohen Sichtbarkeit im Tages- und hellem Sonnenlicht deutlich reduziert.

Das Aqualite Outdoor-TV Angebot beinhaltet:  Modernes Design, einfache Installation, Wartung und Service, Digitale Beschilderungs-Systeme, wetterfeste Werbedisplays für  statische oder mobile Anzeigen, für die Darstellung und Übermittlung von Informationen bei jedem Wetter ob Regen, Schnee oder Sonnenschein.

Anti Blend & Anti Reflexions Film für TV Bildschirme

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Pantallas De Televisión Con Revestimiento Antirreflejo Y Antirreflectante

TV a Prueba de Agua, Humedad y Condensación

El mayor obstáculo a la luz del día para ver las imágenes y textos en pantallas de televisión digital es el resplandor y la reflexión cuando un haz de luz se refleja sobre la superficie de la pantalla de vidrio o acrílica del TV.

Televisores para exteriores Aqualite están recubiertos con una película anti-reflejo el cual reduce el resplandor y reflejo sobre la pantalla en lugares al aire libre o muy iluminados. Al mejorar aún más los niveles de brillo y contraste del panel de la TV, el uso de este recubrimiento anti-reflejo asegura que las imágenes de televisión sean totalmente nítidas y la señalización y textos digitales sean totalmente legibles a la luz de día.

Pantallas de Aqualite Outdoor están recubiertas con 4 capas anti-reflejo a cada lado del vidrio. Así que si UD. desea eliminar aún más el deslumbramiento para esos días soleados entonces nosotros tenemos la respuesta. Al eliminar los reflejos no deseados en un 65% adicional, la capa anti-reflejos de las pantallas Aqualite proporcionan una alta visibilidad  a plena luz del día y con luz del sol brillante.

Pantallas De TV Al Aire Libre A Prueba De Intemperie

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Anti Glare Touch Screen LED TV Displays & Monitors

Anti Glare Non Reflective Touch TV Screens

With the quality and reliability of Aqualite, Europe’s leading manufacturer of outdoor IP66 rated LCD screens, we are proud to announce our Aqualite Outdoor Interactive Touch Screen models. In screen sizes from 32″ – 82″ available in Standard Brightness (500cd/m2)  or High Brightness (1,500cd/m2) models

Aqualite Outdoor IP66 Rated Interactive Touch Screens are BIG news. They help you to create powerful, engaging communications with customers at times and in situations where you wouldn’t normally be able to reach them. Best of all, they’re intuitive and easy to use. Simply touch the screen and let your curiosity and imagination take over.

Make dull communication a thing of the past with Aqualite Touch. Our outdoor touch screens make your communications active, engaging and exciting, allowing customers, students families and visitors to learn and engage with fresh and exciting content, all day, every day.

In short, they bring the WOW factor to learning and forge a completely new type of relationship with your audience…..A dynamic one!

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