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Anti Glare Film For Laptops, Phones, Monitors, TV’s & LCD Screens

Anti Glare Film For Laptops, TV Monitors & LCD Screens

The Anti Glare Film Company range of anti glare TV films, protective coatings and non reflective filters reduce and remove reflection and glare from all types and sizes of glass screens and displays.

The pictures below show how the film creates a matt finish on the screen which stops glare and reduces reflection when using the laptop in bright artificial light.

These pictures are taken with 3 bar’s of very bright LED light positioned in front of and behind the user. The lights are shining onto the screen and the reflection comes back the laptop screen.

Getting rid of glare and reflection on this laptop is an example of how our film can be used to to avoid problems on other devices such as Phones, Monitors, TV’s & other LCD devices.

How To Stop Screen Reflection & Glare On All LCD Devices

The film stops over 90% of the reflection with hardly any loss of image on any of the devices you choose to apply it onto

On the right hand side of the laptop screen is our applied Aqualite AR film & if you look closely you will see the fine line of the cut film down the centre of the screen.

Close up on the laptop showing all 3 bright rear LED lights reflecting from the laptop. Look at the top of the photo so see the AR film line

We’ve used a colour chart so you can see the difference between the colours & any minimal colour degradation coming from the screens image.

As the camera angle is moved slightly one LED light disappears as it enters the AR film but the 3 bottom parts of the lighting can still be seen.


Moving slightly more right with the camera into the AR film the 2nd LED bar of light disappears.

Note closely you can see that whilst a single vertical LED light cuts through  a number of the colour patches…both sides of the colour patches can be seen clearly.

Installation Instructions for Anti Glare Film

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