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Anti Glare Signage – Non Reflective Digital Signage Displays

Anti Glare Non Reflective Digital Signage Displays

anti-glare-signage Advertisers and marketeers alike specify Aqualite’s range of anti glare, anti reflective and shock absorbing films and coverings to reduce glare on digital signage display screens.

Wherever and whenever you need to get your digital signage messages across, Aqualite’s anti glare film reduces reflection and ensure the highest visibility and protection for your electronic display screens.

ensure dynamic, eye catching, cost effective, high impact mobile or static digital signage displays for indoor or outdoor locations. Glare and reflection reduced by up to 90% under artificial LED lighting or outside in broad daylight and bright sunlight,. Thus, your digital signage instructions and messages can always be seen by your target audience hence ensuring maximum impact and effectiveness.

Non Reflective Digital Signage Display Screens

Call us to discuss anti glare digital messaging and signage display screen installations in retail, hospitality, education, corporate, transportation, sports and entertainment locations.

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