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Best Buy Anti Glare TV Film – TV Glarestopper Filter & Coating Customer Reviews

Best Buy Anti Glare TV Film Reviews & Testimonials

Explore The Anti Glare Film Company’s diverse selection of anti-glare film and non-reflective coatings designed for all glass surfaces. These transparent and plastic film coatings effectively reduce glare and reflection on outdoor advertising and digital signage displays, hand-held touch screen devices, shop windows, and various other glass surfaces.

Read on for a sampling of reviews and testimonials highlighting the effectiveness of our anti-glare and non-reflective protective films, filters, and coatings. Ideal for both domestic home cinema systems and international TV studios, our range consistently delivers a reduction in glare and reflection of up to 90%.

For further information and to discover more about our innovative solutions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Anti Glare TV Monitors At Racing Post Film Studios

Anti Glare Film For TV Studios

“Our 75 inch LCD screens were a nightmare as they were placed at 45 degree angles to each other so each screen reflected in the other!   Allied to that the studio lights also reflected in the top part of the screens. The use of the anti reflective coating has been a life saver.  Although I was a bit surprised by the quote it has proven to be worth every penny” Clive Lawrence (Racing Post Film Studios)

Anti Glare Film For Lecture Theatre Display Screens

Anti Glare Film For Lecture Theatres

“The installed screen reflected the LED lights in the ceiling, which was obtrusive. Application of an Anti-Glare Film sample patch demonstrated a significant improvement. So a full order was placed and installed. This has made a huge difference to the viewing experience and removed the reflection. We are delighted with the outcome.” Richard Snowdon FRICS, Director of Properties, The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple

Anti Reflective Screen Coatings

Glare Stopper For Luxury Car Dashboards In Dubai

Best Buy Anti Glare Fillm

Greetings from Dubai – We manufacture car dashboard information LCD’s in high end cars…from scratch. I would like to inform you that the Anti Glare film is awesome.

Before installing the film it was impossible to see clearly our meter reading information but after installing the product it became very easy to see the things which were not visible earlier inside the vehicles dashboard.

I have been using my anti glare film for a few weeks now and I am extremely happy with the results.

It’s great to be able to work inside without straining your eyes, as if it was an indoor vehicle setting. It also keeps the fingerprints away so it lasts for a long time. Highly recommend it!

Abdulla Saeed, Dubai

Anti Glare Film Reduces TV Glare & Reflection

Anti Reflective TV Filters

“Easy to fit as per the instructions and already a huge difference so thank you. Great product and great service.” Sean

Anti Reflective Film Enhances TV Viewing

Indoor Anti Glare TV Film

“Our new TV shows artwork when it is not being a television but we were disappointed to discover that it reflected so much light from the windows that it wasn’t really working very well. The anti-reflective film solved this problem and greatly enhances TV viewing in bright conditions. It does need to be applied very carefully but it is worth the effort and price.” Charlie Major

Anti Glare Film For Samsung Frame TV Screens

Anti Glare Screen Protector

I have a Samsung “The Frame” TV, which, when it’s not on, is meant to look like a framed piece of art on the wall. It’s a lovely bit of kit, but unfortunately, it suffers with glare like any modern television. Ours is mounted directly opposite a very large bay window. Not only does the glare make the ‘art’ illusion very unconvincing, it makes it hard to enjoy the TV for watching, well, TV.

Recently the manufacturer came out with a new version of the TV which has a special anti-glare coating… and I had instant buyer’s remorse. I just couldn’t justify getting rid of an entirely good telly that was only 5 months old just because of glare, and spend literally twice the amount I had already forked out.

Then I came across the anti-glare film that the Outdoor Screen Company sell and I thought I’d take a chance on it. I have used wet install screen protectors on my phones before and I know that this makes it a lot easier to install these films without making a total hash of it.

Antiglare Screen For TV

I couldn’t be happier with the result. In one picture above I have only half of the film on. I had a small problem with my first attempt at installation and the Outdoor Screen Company were kind enough to send me another film. While I was waiting, I thought I’d remove half of the film to give a proper side-by-side comparison. It was very, very convincing! The glare was completely removed, the colours still as vibrant, and the ‘art’ – well, looked like art.

I have now completed my install, which went flawlessly (if you follow the instructions and are patient). As you will see from the other picture – it looks terrific! I had been unable to find a similar product anywhere else – and I’m glad that I took the punt on it.

Yes, it’s not cheap. However, the product really is very, very good. So, in my opinion at least – if you’re suffering from glare on your telly, or you have a specific requirement like mine, go for it!  Brian Saccente-Kennedy

Reducing Glare & Reflection On Indoor TV Screens

Anti Glare TV Screens

“Very impressed with the product , didn’t expect to be this good”. Chirag

Anti Reflective Film For Beach Bar TV Screens

Anti Reflective Screen Film

“ …  having a beach bar and showing daytime football matches has a series problem with reflection and made it unwatchable so looking for a solution I found The Outdoor Screen Company. After sending a message I got immediate response and a detailed explanation of the products and how they work. So I purchased and received a fast delivery. When I was installing the anti-glare film on my TV the company was there on the phone to talk me through the job.

I received good service and always a quick response to any questions I had. So I really recommend this company and their product to anyone who has reflection problems on their TV screens.” Darran McMillan, Paddy`s Bar in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Anti Glare Pub TV

“The whole team at The Outdoor Screen Company were helpful and supportive from the beginning. Providing a wealth of knowledge and resources to enable us to make the decision right for our business. The screens works great and the benefit of the anti glare has been great” George at “Papa`s Fish & Chips”

‘ The AR film made a big difference in allowing us to use the T.V outside. The customers were very happy with the result’ Ryan from the Black Swan pub in Oxford

“Arrived & fitted. Does the job “ Kieran

Outdoor Screens in Hotel Bar Area

I own a number of Hotels in Ireland & Malta (The Warren Collection) & as you can imagine the sun is nothing too much to worry about in Belfast but in Malta it’s a different story. Unfortunately & especially with the 2024 Euro’s just around the corner I decided to invest in a number of LCD TV’s for our open terrace roof area….little did I know that the guest’s would not be able to see a thing due to the unprecedented reflection off of the screens. I found this company & it solved my problems. I can now rest assured that my guests will get the picture….so to speakhotel-anti-glare-screen

Anti Glare TV’s on Super Yacht

We had really bad glare/reflection on our Yacht’s LCD tv screens , so I was tasked with the job of finding a solution & NOT purchasing new tv’s. We found the Anti Glare Film Company on-line & they supplied us with a miraculous simple solution. We paid for their Anti Reflective film along with some samples to be flown over to the Yacht & you can see from the picture what a great difference the test piece of film made. Right hand side AR film, left hand side no film. We have numerous tv’s so I think I’ll keep my job – Shane, Ships Engineer

anti glare tv super yacht



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