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Anti Reflective TV Screens – Anti Glare Backlit LED TV Screen Displays

Anti Reflective & Anti Glare Backlit TV Display Screens

Our Outdoor TV screens are coated with a non glare, non reflective film to reduce glare and reflection from the screen outdoors under bright sun or indoors under bright LED lighting. If the location is too bright, our anti glare & anti reflective screen coatings ensure TV pictures are fully readable outside in bright direct sun shine and inside in bright artificial lights. more on anti glare outdoor TVs

Anti Glare Film creates a non-glare screen and can eliminate over 90% of the reflection and glare without reducing the quality of the HD picture.

The Outdoor Screen Company offer a range of IP66 rated backlit LED and LCD anti glare TV display screens, monitors, billboards and signs.

These backlit screens are designed and guaranteed for extended use in bright, sunny and well lit environments and are thermostatically controled to work perfectly in temperatures up to 60C.

The TV units are completely sealed against sand, dust, pollen and insects & of course heavy rain

The largest obstacle to daylight readable digital TV displays is the glare, shine or reflection caused by the direct sun or bright artificial light hitting the glass or acrylic TV screen.

The Outdoor Screen Company anti glare and non reflective TV display screens, displays and billboards work to reduce or stop shiny screens in brightly lit indoor or outdoor environments.

The screens have an additional anti-reflective and anti-glare surface, giving perfect pictures even in the brightest direct sunshine.

If the weather is too bright, our anti glare & anti reflective screen coatings ensure TV pictures are fully readable outdoors in bright sun shine and inside in bright artificial lights.

If the weather is dull or overcast, our back-lit LED TV screen’s in-built sensors will automatically adjust the brightness level to give the best possible picture whilst helping to save energy.

Standard Brightness TV Screens  – (500cd/m2)

Our Standard Brightness models are perfectly suited to outdoor areas where some natural or artificial shade is present. These models are suited to areas such as under an awning or canopy, under a concourse, on a shaded wall or under trees or natural cover. At 500 cd/m2 (or Nits) these models offer a higer brightness than the average LCD TV at home and like all of our screens, offer Full HD 1080P pixture resolution.

High Brightness TV Screens – (1,500cd/m2)

Our premium high brightness  range of outdoor TV screens are back lit with LED lighting technology. This is not screen edge- only LED lighting, as with the current crop of consumer indoor LED TVs, but full LED coverage behind the LCD TV panel.

These High Brightness (1,500cd/m2) TV screens are classified as ‘sunlight readable’ and are best suited to high brightness outdoor conditions where there is little or no shade.

The LED brightness can easily be adjusted via the supplied remote control and on-screen menu, so that the TV screen is displaying the optimum brightness for various outdoor conditions.

Lower power consumption requirements of LED will also be better for the environment and lead to cheaper electricity bills for the end user than that of an equivalent LCD TV screen.

Typically these are best suited to applications such as yachts, school playgrounds, hotel grounds, construction sites and roof terraces. Anywhere where the sun is a major factor and high brightness and screen visibility paramount.

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