Anti Glare Films & Filters For Hand Held Devices

Aqualite Impact Protection Film has been specially and uniquely formulated to withstand forceful blows through impact or dropping & of course the constant tapping and typing that so many modern LCD and LED screens undergo.


Smart Phones, Tablets & Interactive Touch Screens


Whether the screen on your handheld device or your interactive touch screen dispaly is tapped by a stylus or by the tips of fingers, Aqualite Impact Protection Film will render scratches and other forms of damage to your screen a thing of the past. You’ll also find the appearance of fingerprints significantly reduced.

Aqualite Anti Glare Film comes from its microscopic slightly rough surface, which works to scatter reflected glare in any number of differing directions. The end result is that the ill effects of reflected glare are greatly minimized. Aside from simply minimizing surface glare, however, Aqualite Anti Glare Film coating will also reduce the appearance of reflected images on to your screen.

Viewing angles and the working experience will be greatly enhanced, and you’ll never need to hold or position your screen just so in order to reduce glare or mirrored reflections.

Televisions, Virtual Reality Devices, Tablets, Smart Phones, Gaming Devices, Mechanical Diagnostic Devices, Laptops, Digital Cameras, Bar Code Readers, I Pads, Drawing Tablets, Medical Devices, GPS Navigation Displays, Industrial Screens, Exercise Machines, Hand Held Devices, Kiosk’s and anything else that has a LCD glass panel