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Non Reflective & Anti Glare LED Advertising Billboards & Video Walls

Non Reflective LED Advertising Billboards & Video Walls

Leveraging our extensive experience in the outdoor LCD TV sector and responding to the increasing demand for larger, cost-effective screens, we proudly introduce the next generation of anti-glare outdoor screens. Our class-leading range features big screen, outdoor, weatherproof LED digital displays.

Traditionally utilized for large-format ‘billboard’ style screens in iconic locations like Times Square and Piccadilly Circus, LED technology continually evolves, with pixel pitch being a key factor influencing visual quality. Our range employs a P5 module, weatherproof rated IP66, ensuring resilience against the most challenging weather conditions.

We’ve developed three popular screen sizes, featuring a P5 module, available in 74″, 100″, and 136″. These measurements represent the viewable area diagonally from corner to corner.

Anti Reflective Film & Filter Retailer Opportunities

Opportunities for Non-Reflective Big TV Screens, LED Billboards, Anti-Reflective Film & Filters are now open for retailers. The Outdoor Screen Company is actively recruiting outdoor AV retailers, distributors, dealers, wholesalers, importers, and suppliers.

Join us in advancing outside advertising and digital signage sales across various regions, including the UK, US, UAE, EU, Eastern Europe, South America, Caribbean, India, Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

Learn more about becoming an Outdoor TV Retailer by connecting with us.

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