Glare is the largest obstacle to clear window displays, but adding our Anti-Glare Film will ensure that your investment is fully visible. Brick and mortar retailers are increasingly looking for ways to upgrade their retail window displays, but bad glare can ruin the entire experience.

Eliminating or reducing the reflection of your window with anti-glare window film increases your displays quality and lets you trick the viewer’s eyes into taking a second look.

Think of it like this: you are driving or walking down the street and glance at the different storefronts. You then see your reflection and maybe even the person or car next to you. At this point, these storefronts are not accomplishing their goal due to your reflection being all that appears; all you see is yourself. However, an entire storefront suddenly seems to jump out at you because the reflection you expected to see is not there. A simple break in the routine of seeing a reflection causes you to pay closer attention to what is in the window.

This can be the same story for your future customers. Placing the anti-reflective film or anti-glare film on the outside of your storefront window will immediately add pop to any rear projection film, plasma, or LCD display you have setup.

Shop Window Displays & Store Fronts

Place the anti-glare window film on the entire window to increase the viewers ability to clearly see the displays and advertisements on the other side of glass. Place this anti-reflective film on select sections of your storefront to add pop and sizzle to specific products, graphics, or areas. Create portals in the glass for consumers to have a “sneak peek,” so to speak.

So how does anti glare window film apply to you as a business owner looking to increase the visibility and usability of your storefront displays and shop windows? Glare and reflections are inherent downfalls for glass windows, and using anti-reflective film to combat these side effects can create additional sales possibilities and recognition for your business.